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Data Tidy-up extension reminder

As we move closer to the start of the season this is a reminder that the data tidy-up now has no hard and fast deadline. There will be no archiving of data in the near future and any change on this will be worked through in conjunction with clubs before being communicated. Whilst we are committed to a data tidy (as is normal good practice) we see the challenges faced, and are currently reviewing exact data needs. We would encourage clubs to continue to log their questions via the portal below as good practice. We hope clubs can continue to work through records to keep a live view of their playing pool so that CBs and the RFU can best support them.

For clarity we hope the below will help clubs to understand the difference between age-grade and senior affiliation:

  • Annual Age grade affiliation = Mandatory for players to play in the 21/22 season and beyond.
  • Annual Senior affiliation = Not mandatory, and entirely voluntary for players who choose to do so
  • Senior effective registration (V12) = Mandatory for players that play RFU league rugby, these players will still need to be registered as normal by clubs. Senior Affiliated players will not affect the 100 registered players limit.

See below our FAQs on the data tidy-up and information affiliation.

Player affiliation builds on the age grade registration process introduced to the game over the last three years, giving all players the opportunity to create and manage their own online account, and to link this account to the clubs they play for. It will allow two-way communication with those who are playing the game to make it a better experience.

Once affiliated, club administrators will still be able to use the membership management and player registration functionalities within Game Management System (GMS). In the age grade game, player registration has been replaced by ‘Player Affiliation’, but it will follow a very similar process to what has been rolled out over the last three seasons.

A more detailed explanation on player affiliation can be found here

Age Grade Regulation Updates for 2021-22